Hi, I'm new to this place.

I was browsing around for information on my problem and I came across this forum. Nice forum. Look like VBulletin software forums.

I have did a search on this forum and there was no topic or information on my problem.

Anyways, here my problem.
I work for an healthcare center and they use a software call "Medisoft", which has it own unique tables. The software uses an "Advantage ODBC" to connect to the tables. I use Medisoft and I didn't like the report in the software, so I switch to MS Access and use the Advantage ODBC to link to the Medisoft tables.

Ok, I have two databases and I'm trying to append data or information from one Acess DB table to another Access DB tables. When I try to append it, I get this error:

ODBC--insert on a linked table 'mwtrn' failed.

[Extended Systems][Advantage SQL][ASA]Error 7200: AQE Error: State = HY000;
NativeError = 5066; [Extended Systems][Advantage SQL][ASA]Error 5066: Then
requested operation is not legal for the given field type. AutoIncrement
fields are read only. (#7200)

What do y'a'll think the problem is?

Do I need to upgrade my ODBC or use a different ODBC?

I see in the error message say "AutoIncrement fields are read only." Is that the problem, if that so, how would I change the attributes to make the fields updatable or writable.

Thanks in advance.