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    Unanswered: (long post)Search huge amount of data

    Hi everyone .. this is my first post here ( just found this forum )
    the following is about MS Access
    if it is not a good choice please suggest another
    but keep in mind that i will be making a cd-rom out of this
    and i cannot have the client install sql server or something like that

    i have a few thousand files with a few hundred words in each..
    lets say 3000 files with 500 words in each ..
    i need to be able to search for specific words ( with OR or AND )
    and i also must be able to search for phrases.
    no need for wildcards..
    the way i have gone so far ( and it might be completely off ) is
    i have made a table containing the filenames, a table with all different words, and a table that links the previous two, having links like,

    this approach has made the linking table to have around 1.5 million records ( 3000 files x 500 words )
    the different words are 80.000

    Question: How should i search this data ?

    my way: I nest sql statements like this
    select DISTINCT(filetable.file) where
    wordtable.word ='1st word here' and filetable.file in ( select for second word where file in (select for third word ....))

    it is slow, and i optimized it by arranging the search words by number of times found ( i made a table containing word counts), but still it is slow for more than 3 words ...

    i also keep in the linking table the position in the file that the word is found ( integer position of word in file 1-500)

    can i search (efficiently) for phrases ? how ?

    thanks in advance
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    A bit of airware here, I think the search could be improved by converting the words to ascii in the tables and then converting the search phrase to ascii. I think the speed is a direct result of access doing the conversions under the covers.


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