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    Unanswered: connecting to db in unix via windows.


    I have Oracle8i installed on my Unix box and I have created a new database. I can connect to my db via Net8 from windows using the IP address, but can not connect from sqlplus or the Oracle loging window. I can also connect to my database using this connect string within unix: SQL>connect gilles/gilles@rich. However, I don’t know how to connect from my windows desktop Oracle application. How does one do it?

    Gilles or or yet something else? The former two options do not work.


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    Hi Alex,

    It sounds like you don't have an entry for your instance in tnsnames.ora on your windows box.

    Open the file tnsnames.ora (usually in C:\oracle\ora81\network\admin) and make sure an entry is their for the instance. If not, copy and paste one of the existing and modify the various params. It's fairly self explanatory.


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