Hi, I have a frustrating situation. I've been using both the stored procedures for a while now without issue -- but all mails have been under 950 characters. Now I have a mail sending out that's more than 1000 characters that has an ! appearing out the the blue in both HTML and plain text mails at approximately 990 characters. The email generated is an internal document so I cannot post it but there's nothing special about it (no variables reading into it, no special characters, etc). I've even tried converting it to Text, Varchar(8000), nVarchar(4000), and even varchar(1000). If I trim it all the way down to varchar(990) the ! will not appear.

I've even cut & paste from http://sqldev.net/xp/xpsmtp.htm and typed in the text. And I've even made lines of 0123456789 for 1200 characters and it will appear.

Does anyone have any ideas why this is occurring and how to fix it?

Patrick Y.