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    Question Unanswered: Recovery Question


    I am running cold backup by shutting down the database. Also I am running in Archive log mode on this database.

    From the cold backup I am creating new database.

    My question is: -

    Can I apply archive logs on to the newly created database to mach old database? If yes, how? Please explain with the command/statements.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Restore all the datafiles from the backup to the corresponding location

    Then copy parameter file and controlfile from the old database.

    Then using Oradim create a new service.
    eg> C:\>Oradim -new -sid sidname -intpwd internalpassword

    sqlplus>startup mount
    sqlplus>recover database

    it should work fine

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    Sorry i forgot to talk about the archive logs

    Specify the archive destination in the init file and copy all the archive from the old database to this destination .

    then as we said earlier
    when you specify recover database it will apply all the archive log files
    provided you are not using the controlfiles and redologs from the old backup.

    To apply archivelogs its a must you have the controlfile from the olddatabase and not from the old coldbackup. Similarly if you have the redolog from the old database you can recover upto the point , but if have new redolog ifles then you can do only an incomplete recovery upto the last avaiable archivelog using cancel method

    Pardon if i am not understood.

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