I email customers using Word XP and Access 2000. The front end of the database is on desk top, the back end on the network server. It's is a secured database, with the secured.mdw on a network drive. It used to work fine so long as the database was already open before I attempted a mail merge. I could just click "cancel" on the "Data Link Properties" dialogue box and when it told me "Word could not re-establish a DDE connection to Microsoft Access to complete the current task", I clicked OK and there was the link eatablished and I could select my table or query. But now I've got windows XP (was previously windows 98)and now it really won't make a link. I can't upgrade at access XP as the the whole company would need to upgrade including hardware, so I need to solve this at a software level. I guess I need to do something in Administrative Tools/Data Sources but I have no idea what.