Sorry, i never knew where to post adn im a forum n00b

My name is matty and im doing my AS level computing coursework (in ENGLAND) and i have been having trouble when constructing the database. please can you help i have outlined my problem below please help me.

Well i have to construct a database for remarks and this database has to have the grade automatically determined with the relationship to the subject code that can be one of 5. eg "01325" and the mark that they have achieved in their paper.

So for example if they have the subject code of 01325 and a mark of 56% then it automatically has to determin the grade of C from a table that has been specified.

All your help will be appreciated, i will check back every day but i need to get this sorted by a week on friday as i have done the rest of the work its just this sitting over my head and i dont have a clue!!

Cheers in Advanced