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    Unanswered: struck by perl doubts!help please yet again1

    hi again every1

    thnx to all those who have been answering my doubts here....!
    had another there any way to retrieve the "available or free swap/page file space" in a windows system?
    we can goto start menu->programs->accessories->system tools-> system information and clikc on the system tab to get the required info including virtual mem/ram/amount used/amount free etc but how to retrive all tis memory ..specially the remaining swap space left in our system from the dos prompt or thru a perl script
    Pleaehelp if anyone knows..ive been researching on this the last week but cannot find a result may not benecessary , it can even be got via some calculations involving memory available etc.
    Any code/links etc wud be gr8..
    Im working with windows 2k and NT

    Thnx and someone pleezzzz solve this mystery for me..sometimes i feel unix is so much simpler coz of the easy by which u can execute these dos commands!

    You try and try again..but then give up, there's no sense in being a complete fool about it!!!

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    On CPAN there are A LOT of win32 modules, they should provide the solution.

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