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    Unanswered: Database size shrunk

    I will like to request for understanding with regards to SQL data size.

    On Friday, 21 March, I checked from the SQL Server Enterpise Manager that my Data Size was 30 MB.

    I then had my database quota size increased.

    However, on Monday 24 March, I noted that the data size has shrunk to 24 MB even though my client has added about 7k+ of records to the database since.

    Today on 25 March, the database showed 15 MB instead. I checked my records and there was nothing lost in them. The number remains the same or slightly higher. This is because they have almost completed the porting of the data.

    I am confused as to the difference in the display of Data Size. It has lead me to a wrong decision earlier to upgrade to 45 MB when in actual fact, the data doesnt even take more than 16 MB.

    I have during the time truncated the transaction logs. Could this be the cause of the database size to shrink?

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    Check whether AUTO_SHRINK option is used.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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    Originally posted by Satya
    Check whether AUTO_SHRINK option is used.
    Thanks for replying

    I just checked and AUTO_shrink is off

    Would there be anything else that could cause it to shrink?

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