I am running SQL 2000 Enterprise on wondows 2000 profssional SP3 with European language as my Regional Options.
This means that my Decimal Symbol in Numbers is Comma ",".

I am using the Data Transformation Service to load data from a text file to the SQL.
The file delimiter is semicolon (";").
The problem is that all the numeric values from the text file with decimal values (*#.#*) are imported wrong!

For example: if the source value is 3.51 (3,51 since my decimal symbol is comma ","), it will be imported as 351.
the only way to import it "as is" will be if i change the value in the Text file from 3,51 to 3.51 (with a dot as decimal symbol). this is not an option for me.

Also i don't want to use an Active X to replace the comma to Dot for decimal symbols.

does any one have an idea how should i make this???