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    Unanswered: use of option buttons

    I want to use option buttons.
    Therefore I created a group.
    The problem is that I want the option buttons to be based on the content of a table.
    That means : If my table contains 5 records --> I want 5 option buttons
    If my table contains an other number of records I want exactly the same number of option buttons.
    The labels of the option buttons should be retrieved from the table.
    Is this possible ?


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    One approach that could work is to create an option group with the maximum number of options.

    (I have not looked so don't know if this is possible) Shrink each radio button and label to the smallest possible size. If they have the cangrow can shrink then enable that. Do the same with the group.

    Using code add each item to the group and resize to suit (if can grow does not work).

    It will take a bit of fooling around to make work, I usually try these type of ideas in a dedicated database first.


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