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    Unanswered: Remote to Remote


    We have 3 database server . one is local and other two are in two different locations.

    Scenario is , we have to import a database from one old remote server to another new remote server.
    Since, it should be difficult (bcoz of firewall issues) to import from old remote to new remote server, i thought to
    import to my local DB server then import database to new remote server.

    I am planning to give IMPORT/EXPORT option in the ALL TASKS property, from my local m/c to the old remote server.
    then take BACKUP database in my local machine . After that just copy the backup file to my new Remote server and then
    just restore it.

    Or is there any better solution to accomplish this ?

    Please give me some advice !



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    Why not consider using REPLICATION or LOG SHIPPING kind of solution rather depending on roundabout solution. Refer to books online for more information.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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