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    Question Unanswered: Table owner will be removed

    we are running Informix 7.31 on WindowsNT4.0.
    Most of the tables are owned by one domain user. Now the domain will be removed and this user will not exist any longer.
    So what to do?

    Can I create a local user with the same user name? Will the IDS notice, that the table owner is the domain-user and not the local user? Or does the IDS take only the user name? (The IDS is installed locally, not in domain mode.)

    Or can I change the owner of the tables via an sql command?
    How does this work?

    Thanks a lot for your help in advance.
    Best regards

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    Why do you need this user? If you just grant permissions to another user you can access the table with that user.
    IDS will not check whether the owner of the table still exists.

    You will only have a problem when you want to create new tables with that old user-id, which you probably don't want.

    My opinion is that you can just delete the user after you granted some permissions to another user.

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