I used to work with German Microsoft Access 2000 and DB2 V7.2. The tables were linked with ODBC.
The currency data type in Access is mapped to a DECIMAL (15,2) in DB2.
In Germany we use a "," as a separator for currency values in Access. DB2 uses a "." as a separator. In the ODBC DB2 source I had to set the configuration value "PATCH2=15" to get Access and DB2 to work together.

I DB2 V8.1 I set exactily the same values in the ODBC DB2 source. But now I get an error as if the PATCH2 was not set (same error message with DB2 7.2 and PATCH2 not set).

Has anybody a clue to this?
Is there a another way to use currency values in Germany with Access and DB2 V8.1?