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    Unanswered: Informix IDS 7.31.FD1 on IBM AIX 64-bit

    Hi All,

    I was searching google to check release notes for IDS 7.31.FD1 for IBM AIX, 64-bit but was not able to find any. We are having problems with the treatment of delimiters with this new version. Previously, in 7.30.UC7, when we use DELIMITER '' there is no delimiter put on our unload (we are only selecting one column on our unload). The new version we've got uses ' as a delimiter , and this is causing some of our batch job to abend.

    Is there a way around this, as to make 7.31.FD1 version treat the delimiter the way it does on the 32-bit version.

    Thanks for the help!


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    Exclamation Query Plan

    Our solution to this was to update the affected programs. After this issue, we bump into another issue.

    Somehow, the new 64 bit behaves differently with regards to its query optimizer (64 bit seems to be more agressive). When you have a join between a local table and a remote table (DB2 via DRDA) the resulting query plan clipsoff some of the filter criteria that was explicitly defined. Example

    SELECT a.col1, b.col1
    FROM localtable a, db2table b
    WHERE a.col1 = "abc"
    and a.batch_no = 12345
    and b.batch_no = a.batch_no
    and b.dept = "45"
    and b.section = 3

    Resulting Query for the remote server (In Explain out):
    SELECT X0.col1
    FROM db2table X0
    WHERE X0.batch_no = 12345

    The rest of the filter for the remote system is disregarded.

    Has anyone here encounted the same issue? If yes, how did you guys manage to solve the issue.

    Thanks )

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