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    Unanswered: NetApps Snap Mirror vs Data Guard

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a new database server. I'm getting the oppurtunity to build from the ground up here. Main problem is "the powers" have absolutly NO CLUE what db performance will be, so I get to guess. Makes one of my main requirements flexibility. My other requirements are redundancy and failover with performance following in third place. Size will be under a TB for quite a while.

    Current thinking is 9i RAC on RHE 2.1 with a NetApps filer and IBM xSeries hardware. NetApps box would be dual attached, on a dedicated GB LAN segment. I'll take any general comments on this configuration if anybody out there is using something similar. I'm assuming I can add processors, servers, spindles, etc. if I find the DB performance is poor and the developers won't fix it. There will be multiple Oracle instances.

    My other requirement is redundancy in the form of hot site failover. I have two options, NetApps SnapMirror or Oracle's Data Guard. I have no direct experience with either so I'm looking for pros/cons to both. The requirement up front is how kind the mirroring/replication is to the bandwidth between the sites, followed by features and flexibility.

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    Hi pbFoot,

    I've never managed an Oracle instance, so what I say you should take with a pinch of salt :-)

    You lost me after the 9i RAC bit :-(

    There are quite a few really knowledgable guys posting on here, but you need to give more info. Are you talking one Tb in one table? One Tb queried once a month? 1000 times a minute etc?

    Some of the hardware you have mentioned is related only to disk i/o and not to Oracle performence, there are guys here that can relate disk performance to Oracle performance but I think you a: need to give more info and b: realise that you're talking very specific equipment here.

    Sorry I can't be of more help,


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