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    Question Unanswered: Calling DTS from ASP through ISA Firewall

    I am trying to execute a DTS package from our external web site. The package resides on an SQL Server inside the ISA firewall. I can connect to the SQL Server via ADO but everything else is blocked so the following code will not work since I believe it uses Windows Integrated Security:

    Dim oPkg
    Dim objCID
    Dim objSID
    Dim objOrderID

    Set oPkg = CreateObject("DTS.Package")

    Set objCID = oPkg.GlobalVariables.New("@CID")
    Set objSID = oPkg.GlobalVariables.New("@SID")
    Set objOrderID = oPkg.GlobalVariables.New("@OrderID")

    oPkg.LoadFromSQLServer "ServerName", "UserName", "Password", , , , , "MSIOrder"

    objCID.Value = "2303"
    objSID.Value = "822105614"
    objOrderID.Value = "323"
    oPkg.GlobalVariables.Add objCID
    oPkg.GlobalVariables.Add objSID
    oPkg.GlobalVariables.Add objOrderID

    Set oPkg = Nothing

    Is there a way to call this DTS package via an ADO connection? And of course, to complicate things, I need to pass the DTS package three global variables.

    Lastly, modifying the ISA config is not an option unless I can be absolutely sure that it would not alter our current level of security.

    Thanks in advance,
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    DTS? Ick. Anyway, are you sure you have the DTS DLLs installed on the client machine (this case the web server)? I believe you need to install Enterprise Manager on the machine for those DLLs to get installed. No separate installation as far as I know.

    Also, what error message are you getting?

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