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    Unanswered: unknown orphaned users

    We performed a restore of a bunch of databases from another server and now when i try to go in and change the sa pwd i get the following error:

    Error 21776: [SQL-DMO] The name 'XXXX' was not found in the Users collection. If the name is a qualified name, use [] to separate various parts of the name, and try again.

    Now i run the query below to isolate the orphaned users and i get none!

    select from master..syslogins l right join
    sysusers u on l.sid = u.sid
    where l.sid is null and issqlrole <> 1 and isapprole <> 1
    and ( <> 'INFORMATION_SCHEMA' and <> 'guest'
    and <> 'system_function_schema')

    - So now i am at a complete loss as to what to do next.
    If anyone has any ideas it wil be great!

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    Refer to this to resolve the issue.

    Also run SP_CHANGE_USERS_LOGIN and use AUTO_FIX to fix the issue, refer to books online for more information.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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