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    Unanswered: real simple n00b question

    How do I or better yet, where do I find info on migrating an Access database to Sybase?

    I have not done this before and I am still very new at all of this anyway, so any basic info would be marvelous.


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    Re: real simple n00b question

    Sybase have a piece of software called Power Designer. This is data modelling tool and is able to connect to various database platforms - Access included.

    Use Power Designer to reverse engineer your MS Access database into a data model, change the DBMS to Sybase ASA, ASE or ASIQ and regenerate the database schema - Tables, indexes etc.

    Once the database schema has been created, extract the data from MS Access into text files (eg CSV) and use bcp to populate the tables in Sybase.

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    Access has an export feature. export your data to a tab delimited .txt file. then bcp into Sybase. If you have Powerbuilder import the .txt file into Sybase.

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