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    Unanswered: How to get the in Quarterly

    Hi All,

    I want to select the data from the table in Quarterly
    i have the following query but it is suming all the
    months and giving
    in following query i want to show sum of 01 to
    03months in row and o4 to 06 in one
    that if i give 200101 to has to give me 4 to do that..

    select CONVERT(CHAR(4),period,112), sum(composite)
    from cdh_price_gap
    where CONVERT(CHAR(6),period,112) between '200101' and
    group by CONVERT(CHAR(4),period,112)
    order by CONVERT(CHAR(4),period,112)

    i used to convert to compare the date in this formate
    200101 thats it...


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    select cast( (month(period)+2) / 3 as integer ) as quarter
    , sum(composite)
    from cdh_price_gap
    group by cast( (month(period)+2) / 3 as integer )


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