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    Unanswered: torn pages

    Hello I would like to know your opinion: I found torn page detection in a log during execution of a stored procedure. As this is data warehouse, all tables used in SP are truncated every night and populated from production system. Solution to torn page detection should be restoring the last db backup because data in a db is in an incosistent state. But I think it not necessary in this case. Thank you for your opinion. mojza

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    Torn page detection basically detects torn pages which occurs when your hard disk have any issue with power during writing of an 8k page. So if you have battery powered hard disk caching, or a good UPS with your system, chances are you might be able to survive without having it turned on.

    Refer to books online for TornPage detected option and remove it.

    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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