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    Unanswered: Update query

    I am working in access.I have three tables that are linked with each other.table "C" is linking the two tables "A" & "B".
    I want that a field in table"A" is added in the field of the table"C".
    I had make a query but it temporary creates a view and update the field but didn't update in the table"C"

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    Need a better explanation of what you are trying to accomplish.

    The query below has table A and C linked on their common Field1. It updates Table C's Field2 to the value of Table A's Field2. The update is filtered by a where clause.

    UPDATE C INNER JOIN A ON C.Field1 = A.Field1 SET C.Field2 = [A]![Field2]
    WHERE (((C.Field2)="Criteria"));

    Explain again if you need help.


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