Hi Gurus,

we have a strange Problem when binding a Package on UDB/NT V7.2 (FP8). When the develloper is binding with a diffrent Package Owner (he has the privileges to do so), then the Package will be corrupted.
The owner should have 4 characters (OPER), but ist extended by 0x00 four times. This even happens, when the owner has more than four characters, but allways, the SCHEMA-Name of the DBRM is extended by strange characters (I think, it was allways four time 0x00). The package cannot be used, and cannot be dropped anymore. So every develloper has to work as the User "OPER" to create proper packages. But, like on /390, no user should do this, since this user OPER has too much privileges.

So here are the questions:
- is there any workaround to bind under a different userid, without crashing the package (we believe, that the package from the precompiler already is broken) ?
- how can we drop packages, that obviously are broken, since the owner/schema has non-displayable characters?

This is what we work on:
Win 2K, FP3
DB2 V7.2, FP8

Win2K, FP3
DB2 Connect PE, FP8
MS-Visual C++, DB2-Addins installed