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    Unanswered: Access database & XP

    We have a database that we are moving from access office 97 windows 98 to office 2000 on XP. But we keep getting an error trying to open the database that we don't have permission - or not a member of the group - or don't read/write permission and so forth (a list of about 8 things). We have tried added users to the group, changed the ower but that hasn't worked???? Does anyone have experience with this? If so what needs to be done?

    Desparate... texasalynn

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    Re: Access database & XP

    How did you transfer the data?

    An annoying habit of some CD burners is that when you restore the file from your "burnt" CD that the attributes are reset to Read only. and when you drag and drop from the CD to the harddrive the RO attrib remains on.

    I'd start with making sure that the RO flag is released - not only the MDB file/s but also any seperate locking *.ldb files and any other external files that belong with that database

    Have you dumped ALL the temp files? Remember that under XP - the directory assignments are all different and its not \windows\temp any more.

    Are you specifing any unique file paths? Have you confirmed that these paths now exist on the XP box?

    Another thing is to check the XP setup - If you've set your XP workstation for profiles then it might be an rights issue. Especially painfull if you're using profiles and that profile only see's some of the directories/files.

    did you try the Access repair/compact database?

    Can you open other mdb files to confirm that Access is installed and configured correctly?

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