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    Unanswered: Identity Issue

    hello, Folks

    I am having some issue. i am using a merge replication topology. i have a table that uses identity column. when i start the replication I am loosing one record from the subscriber';s end because taht was also have the same column value. To make long story short here is an example:

    Office 1 :
    uploaded a file in db and that fileID is an Identity column.

    Office 2 :
    uploads another different typr of file, this time the file ID is also same
    because it is generated by SQL Server 2000.

    After Replication : I lose my office 2 file because of the conflict.

    PLease Help me . Need serious Help

    arshal / nipumollah

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    I solved it

    on your publication properties -> articles -> change all the identity column's identity range.

    works perfectly


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