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    Talking Unanswered: REF CURSOR SLOW but same query is fast on SQL*PLUS


    We are getting some weird response from Oracle 8.1.6 on solaris 2.6.
    We are running a query from Oracle SQL*PLUS and it is pretty fast.

    We plug this query in PL/SQL and get a ref cursor back.
    Once we try to get the data from REF cursor it is very slow.

    Does someone experienced same problem?

    I ran trace analyzer and found that the execution of the query is getting
    changed in PL/SQL. I ran the same query from the SQL*PLUS I get a different execution plan.


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    I read somewhere that the default optimiser goal for for PL/SQL is ALL_ROWS, even if the database setting is FIRST_ROWS (although I've been unable to find any other info on it in the Oracle docs).

    This would give the impression of it being slower, where the PL/SQL is trying to complete the whole job in the quickest time but the SqlPlus is trying to give the quickest response.

    That might explain the differences in execution plan?


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