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    Hai all,

    I had asked many time before about a lock error being entered in my db2diag.log.

    I was told to increase the locklist and decrese the maxlocks.

    I have tried all these and still am getting the error on my logs.

    Now the Application server keeps restarting ,is it because of the locks held.The database server and application server are on two seperate machines.

    How can I trace this locks held and keep avoiding this restart.

    This is a bit urgent and please help me.


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    To trace the locks, you can use the DB2 Monitor, adjusting it for looking at lock specifically. You can also use a free third party tool that might
    help a little, it can be found at:

    Also you might want to look at the SQL and try to limit the amount of locking. For SELECT statements that are only interested in looking at data and not modifying it, add the "FOR READ ONLY" clause to prevent share locks being issued. Also keep Units of Work (UOW) as short as possible. Never do human I/O during a UOW. Issue COMMITS more frequently to keep UOW short (but not so as to mess up transactional logic)

    For more info on DB2 locking, search the Web where you can find numerous resources that should be able to expand on this.



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