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    Exclamation Unanswered: ASA DBRemote, bug?

    Hello, I have a big issue over here,

    I am running a replication process quite well, but some times, not often, I have a very bad situation.

    When dbremote is running, I need dbremote to log everything so I use -o <file.txt> and -v options.

    Yesterday, I got a _a6.aar file with 3Mb size. This is an unknow file. It has only Dbremote transactions, as if dbremote lost the link to my log file <file.txt> and it starts to write in this other file ( _a6.aar ).

    Do you know something about this issue?, is it a dbremote bug? or do you know what can i do?


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    Are you saying the transaction log is written to the -o<file.txt>?

    If that is the case, then the db would be rendered useless. You should check the transaction log file by running dblog against the .db file that way you know which file is it writing transaction log and which the errorlog.

    You should contact Sybase Technical Support for a confirmation.


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