Hi all!

I have some problems.

I try to connect to informix server from a servlet running on tomcat 4.1.24 server, but in most cases can't do it.

The only way to get connection that works is using DriverManager.getConnection() from servlet's init() method.

If I try to get connection (the same way) from doGet or doPost method I get SQLException: Locale not supported

I am using the same connection string in both cases (not specifing DB_LOCALE nor CLIENT_LOCALE).

I get the same Exception if I try to get connection from datasource specified as JNDI resource in tomcat's conf files (connection pooling; that's what I would really like).

The thing that most confuses me is that connection is succesfully retrieved in init() method while in the doPost or doGet isn't.

Thnx for your help in advance.

Have a nice day.