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    Unanswered: Restricted data type attribute violation


    I encounter problem when using Oracle 8i via ODBC driver (odbc++) during C++ software development on Windows_NT.

    In fact, I just want to execute the following query :
    select A,B,C,D from test

    on the following table :
    A DECIMAL(5),
    B DECIMAL(5),
    C DECIMAL(5),
    D DECIMAL(5));

    which contains :
    A B C D

    12 3 4 5
    12 1
    13 8
    1 2 3 4

    It appears that when the fetch_size is set to 1, no problem will occurs while when the fetch_size is greater than 1 the following exception is thrown :
    Error fetching data from datasource: [Oracle][ODBC]Restricted data type attribute violation

    For performance reasons, I cannot let the fetch_size to 1.

    An important point is that the problem seems to be related to the NULL values of both B and D columns.

    I need some help to face this problem.


    PS : the odbc trace of the execution of the test of the query is join as attachment
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