I have some tables participating in a Transactional Replication from database A to database B on another server. I have a Merge Replication from database B to database C on another server for the same tables that are participating in the Transactional Replication.

I created the first publication on A which does the Transactional Replication (Continuous Push Subscription to B) .

Then I created another publication on B which does the Merge Replication (On Demand Pull Subscription at C).

Whatever data changes at A is being replicated to B with the Transactional Replication Push Subscription.

But the Merge Replication Pull Subscription is not working, if I remove the Transactional Replication then it seems to work, with the Transactional Replication I can only apply snapshots, no merge seems to work.

Does anyone know what is the problem.

Any help would be much appreciated.