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    Unanswered: SQL cast operators in MS Access


    I'm trying to "connect" two fields of the diferent types, one of them is STRING, and the other is DATE.

    SELECT firstName, lastName
    FROM tblPerson, tblPerson1
    WHERE tblPerson.Date = tblPerson1.Date
    AND tblPerson.Date LIKE '7.4.2003'

    tblPerson.Date is STRING type field
    tblPerson1.Date is DATE type field

    I've tried using in my ASP code:
    WHERE tblPerson.Date = CStr(tblPerson1.Date)

    but when I execute the query, the recordset is empty.
    The thing is, when I try the same query in MS Access query editor, it works !?!?

    Please help, Neven

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    let's see...

    I'm no expert on field type issues, but since you say it works fine in MSAccess, I would try:

    WHERE CStr(tblPerson.Date) = CStr(tblPerson1.Date)

    or CDate(tblPerson.Date) = tblPerson1.Date


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    also could be a problem with time

    you could be having a problem where you

    are trying to join where '3/13/2003' = '3/13/2003 6:00am' and it isnt matching.
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