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    Hello everyone,
    I recently started a job working with a very antiquated paradox system. I believe it is paradox 4.5 (or somewhere around there). Anyway, I moved the shipping DB to a new computer. Everything is working exactly as it did on the old computerl; except one thing -
    There is an end of day script that processes all the items shipped and recieved, everything works fine, however the last thing the script is supposed to do is place all that shipping information into a history table. The script runs and throws no errors, but for some reason the history table is no longer being populated with current data. The last entry is 04/04/2003 - the day I moved the system over.
    The old system was on a win 95 machine and it is now running on a win ME machine. Like I said, everything is running smooth except that; no changes were made to the script and the old computers and new computers file structure are identical.
    Can any of you suggest where I might look to see why this table is no longer populating? The script, although poorly commented, looks to be in order, and the script completes without any error.
    I can provide more details if need be. Thanks in advance for any help offered!

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    I would step thru the script manually executing all steps to find the problem. I suspect it can't find the table, or it has created another table and given it the old name plus an extension.

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