Thanks a lot for responding immediately.
My Scenerio is we got solaris 6800 server with 24CPU's and we dont have any cluster service software and our plan is to use EEE in 16 cpu's for one database partition server called primary server andd other 4 cpu's for non partitioned server called standby and these each may have each separate instance, in any case if primary one fails then secondary(standby) one should take over the failure primary, we plan to have logshipping to secondary(standby).
In this situation we need to give high availability without clusters.
How to provide?
How to have 4 database paritition to shared for 16 cpu's?
is it to create 4 nodes and to have 4 database partitions for each node with 2 node group or if any other solution is welcome for me.
How many db2 installation i have to do in this situation.
If anyone helps for this situation or provide any links, if would really help ful for me.