Good afternoon,

We are trying to bind a program from the host system (Version 7) against UDB 8.1 on Windows 2000 (Trial Code) and receiving an SQL0567N. We have tried (and failed) both batch and SPUFI driven binds.

My ID is 5 characters starting ZD* and are all alphanumeric characters. My password is the same on the host as it is on server. I am a SYSADM on the mainframe and in the a group with SYSADM on the server. The ID and password are all capital letters. I can connect to the database from a command line both locally and from a remote client (PC and SPUFI both work). My ID can bind plans on the host (as done to enable SPUFI communication to the remote server) and on the UDB server (bound system utilities).

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

SQL0567N "<authorization-ID>" is not a valid authorization ID.

Explanation: The authorization ID specified by
"<authorization-ID>" is not valid for one of the following

o It begins with "SYS", "sys", "IBM", "ibm", "SQL", or "sql".

o It contains characters other than a through z, A through Z, 0
through 9, and the three special characters (#,@.$).

o It is delimited and contains lower case letters.


o It is PUBLIC preceded by the keyword USER or GROUP in a GRANT
or REVOKE statement.

The statement cannot be processed.

User Response: Correct the invalid authorization ID.

sqlcode: -567

sqlstate: 42602