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    Unhappy Unanswered: Full-Text search problem in Win2k

    I have designed a sql database which has more than three houndered thousands of records.
    for developing the application , I installed the DB on a windows XP professional.
    In order to gain the most performance and accuracy in Searches I defined a Full-Text search on it which was very fast and accurate(note:All the fields in the index are nvarchar and have Farsi data).But when I installed the DB on a Windows 2000 advanced server, The qureies for searching Farsi Keywords didn't work and the Error message was:"The query contained only ignored words".
    the settings for Both windows2000 and XP and the sql Servers installed on them were the same
    but It only worked on a Windows XP.
    Now I wonder if anyone have ever ran into such a problem ,and could tell me what should I do.
    Any advice or hint will be highly appreciated.

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    MSDN article refers :
    To prevent the "The query contained only ignored words" error while doing a free text search for some search phrases, use the UpdateFullTextCatalogs.vbs script in the Program Files\Microsoft Commerce Server 2002\Support folder.

    Use the following command:

    UpdateFullTextCatalogs.vbs I
    You need to run this script every time you create a catalog.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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    Now we need somebody with Microsoft Commerce Server 2002.
    He will look on C:\Program Files\Microsoft Commerce Server 2002\Support\UpdateFullTextCatalogs.vbs and see what the switch "I" is doing

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