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    Unanswered: null or not an object error

    I am working in html/asp within VisInterDev 6.0. Everything was working fine until I moved a text box from one page to another. I took it from within a form on one page to a form on another (and made the necessary changes in the two pages).

    Here is the code that is generating the error:

    <body onload="java script:eventreg3.dist.focus();">

    However I am using syntactically indentical code on other pages that work fine so I know the problem is not with that line.

    It appears that it is not able to find the "dist" text box, but I have been over and over the html and can't find an issue. If I take that line out (keeping the <body> of course) it doesn't generate an error but my submit button doesn't work.

    I have also noted that VisInterDev appears to eliminate, or not put in, double quotes around tag attributes. For instance, size="2" appears as size=2. I thought the double quotes were a requirement?

    ANy help here? Thanks a ton!!!

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    could it be the space between java and script?


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    Thanks, Rudy

    but that wasn't it. That space didn't actually exist in the code itself. Sorry for wasting your time. I have no idea what the deal is.

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