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    Unanswered: After advice. MS Sql and php vs.

    I am about to start a web site with MS Sql database interface.

    I have been advised to use MS technologies, i.e. ASP.NET but I am skeptical of MS SDK's (programming for 20 years) and keen to try some Open software. PHP looks good but most of the documentation and forum content is about use with MySql or Oracle, and other Linux compatible databases. Does it really work OK with MS Sql? Has anyone actually tested it against ASP.NET for performance? ease of use? features?

    I'd love to hear from someone who has used PHP with MS Sql with a few words of advice.

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    If, by speaking of MS SQL you're talking of SQL server, yes, it works.

    You can use either the ODBC library or the PEAR DB interface to access it.

    About the performance, i really don't know how good they are.

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