I am using a commercial database program that was made using Access 97 and runs on Jet 3.5. I do not use Access to run this program. Each table is in a file like HISTORY.MDB or CUSTOMER.MDB.

The program updates the required tables when entering data in a form for data entry. There are about 20 tables.

There is a form to enter SQL for each table to do simple updates and simple select type reports. The program also comes with built in reports.

Question 1; I want to add a column to a table, when I enter the add column SQL I get a message saying the table is in use. How can I add a column?

Question 2; I want to update fields in one table from data in fields in another table. I tried several update SQL but each time I get a message saying I can't do that. How can I update fields?

I am learning databases and SQL because of this program, which I have to work with. I could use any help, like a tip, an example or a book suggestion.