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    Unanswered: INFORMIX-OnLine 7.23.FC4 on Tru64 5.1A

    copy from $INFORMIXDIR/release/en_us/0333/ONLINE_7.2
    3. Onarchive tape drives/tape drivers:

    Onarchive has been tested and is supported on this platform only
    with DAT tape drives. The tape device needs to be configured to
    have block size of 512 and to use extended file marks.

    TLZ06 4mm DAT

    Onarchive MAX_SPACE qualifier should be set to a minimum value of
    128 in this release.

    çHowto do it?
    my onarchive.... screen ..

    onarchive define/volume/vset=arc_vset
    Please mount a volume on /dev/tape/tape0_d0 and press < RETURN > ** WRITE **

    ARC-E-01322, Error reading the ANSI volume label.

    Proceed and overwrite contents, Cancel operation, or Retry
    with another volume?
    Enter (P/C/R): p
    The volume 0001 has been deleted from the Catalog.

    ARC-E-01344, Error while rewinding the save-set.
    ARC-E-01267, Volume on /dev/tape/tape0_d0 not initialized.

    éhowto fix it?

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    Please don't use onarchive. This is an absolutely dead
    You should use ontape or the more sophisticated onbar.

    Also 7.23 is not supported anymore AFAIK. You should
    upgrade to a 7.31 version.

    Best regards

    IT-Consulting Herber

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