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    Unanswered: Strange behavior of subforms

    I have a form with a subform.
    The content of the subform was related to the value of a combobox (= employeeID of the selected person).
    This all worked fine.

    Now it's not working anymore and I can't find any reason.
    I changed the query (= recordsource of my subform) so it no longer depends on the value of the combobox. I'm 100% sure I must have 3 records in my subform. My sub still stays empty.
    I deleted and re-inserted the sub in my form --> no difference.
    I made a new form and inserted the sub --> it works.
    Why does it work fine on one form and doesn't on another ?

    I'm getting depressed, so if anyone has any idea?

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    Anything goofy in the "Link Child Fields" or "Link Master Fields" properties of the sub-form control?

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    try deleting the sub, compact & repair, and drag the sub back in again.

    wierd things happen when lots of edits accumulate in the mdb: it's not a bad idea to compact & repair regularly when you are coding - helps to tell your mistakes from mr. gates' mistakes.


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