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    Question Unanswered: How to Deploy Forms9i on web?

    HI all,
    I am working on forms 9i application.i got some doubts. to deploy forms 9i on web. i.e i need to call my form from an IE or from any browser.
    2.what kind of modifications i need to change in the configuration files.
    3. is there any virtual directry concept in forms9i as we do in ASP to call my forms from the other PC which is in LAN by giving an URL
    5.In the local PC it is showing the complete address displaying username and password and the form to place icons in on push buttons in fomrs9i, icons are coming in forms 6i application ,but unable to get in forms9i.


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    Hello muralidhar

    Oops u have lots of question.May be I can help u by sort of information beacuse I run Oracle9i and form9i both in LAN and Internet

    # Oracle 9i is a totaly Internet based database system
    # First setup oracle9i in ur server and after taht install Oracle
    Form9i Full
    # Now To run the form u have to run a service named "OC4J start"
    from program menu on Form9i.

    # Now the virtual directory concept.If u setup Oarcle Form9i as
    "c:\Forms9" then u will find a "c:\forms9\Bin" this "Bin" directory
    is as virtual direcory.You just save forms in this directory.

    #LAN: Running from a client in Lan just open a Internet browser
    if server Ip :
    and a emp.fmx file in "c:\forms9\Bin"

    and type like -- ""

    U will get ur Form. [Note: Probably a softawre Jiniatator can be
    requested for setup just setup it.It will do automatically]

    #Internet: I tried it using a public IP of the server .Suppose ur
    server ip:

    Just Be connected on internet and open a browser
    and tyep-

    " :8080/emp.fmx"

    Remebmer: Must Run the "OC4J Start" service for running form.

    Now dear muralidhar, I got all the info after passing a very hard work
    If i can satisfy u plese mail me at :

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