I am having a Access '97 database and I have created a list of users with different security/access permission levels for the various objects in the database. I want all the users' information (user name only) to be populated in a table everytime a new user is created or a user is removed by the administrator. I couldn't find any system table/object that stores this information. Could somebody help me on how to go about achieving this?

As far as I know, all the user information are stored in the Work Group file. But I do not know how to retrieve the information and put it inside a table! Ofcourse this can be done manually ie., create the user and manually make an entry into the table, but the requirement is to do this as and when it happens.


I need this table for a VB application which would behave differently for different users. For ex: display one form for one particular user and another form for another user (OR) retrieve only certain records from a table for one user and a different set of records for a different user.
So, to achieve this, the VB application has to control based on the user who logs in, which is why I need to have all the users' info in a table. The tables that the users access are owned by the administrator and the users have been assigned the necessary access rights.

I would appreciate if anybody could help me on this.

Thanks and regards,