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    Unanswered: Problems with 2 fields and working them together

    Hi there

    At the moment I have a database which has a value list in (pop down menu)
    when I select one of the items in the list I want it give a value in another field i.e. a price.

    The value list has

    So say I selected A4 in the other field I want it to say x.xx
    I have tried loads of things but nothing wrks please can some one help me Im new to filemaker pro


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    Re: Problems with 2 fields and working them together

    2 databases

    *You need a 'item' database in it 2 fields 'itemid' and 'price'.
    *And a 'order' database 2 fields 'itemid' and 'price'.(yes the same).

    in the 'item' database put a record for each value.

    itemid | price
    -------- ----------
    A6 2.50
    A4 15.50
    A5 3.20
    DL 7.25

    In the 'order' db create a relation ship to the 'item' database connecting item to item.

    Make a pull down on 'item' in the order db that uses the 'item' field in the item database.

    then in define fields of order set price as a lookup with your relationship and using :rice

    email me for an example.

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