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    Unanswered: SQL 2000 client

    We are looking into migrating our Sybase servers to SQL2000. We have a SQL2000 server with a CPU license. We have user communities that use Sybase client tools to access various databases on our Sybase server. The client provides odbc drivers and tools similar to "SQL Server Enterprise Manager".

    1.) Does anyone know if it's legal to install "SQL Server Enterprise Manager" on any machine or is it licensed product? (This is what we did with Sybase)

    2.) Is there a better way to provide select and update access to the user community without building interfaces or supplying a client to each user?

    Thanks in advance for you suggestions.

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    1. We had the same problem....

    The licence says Yes, but it is not really clear.... I called Microsoft and they confirmed that I can install ent. manager on stations....

    2. There are some freeware tools.....

    I really like WinSQL you don't need to install it - it's one EXE


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    Since you are not going to connect to SQLServer, IHMO, you dont need client license.

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    In such matter its better to contact MS SQL Support, being changes made to licensing policies.
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    So long as the server(s) you are connecting to is licensed, the tools my be installed anywhere. I checked this with MS some time ago, but you may want to do it yourself to be safe. You may wish, however, to only distribute Query Analyzer or a custom interface just to avoid distracting your users with so many features that are unecessary for them.

    "hmmmm... I wonder what happens when I right-click and select delete"

    Of course, with proper object-level and role-based security in place, this isn't an issue...

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