Hi all,

Something really weird happened in my adp project. The project is a tutorial found on the msdn website (StateU.adp).
With the "sa" login i created the database and written several stored procedures. One of these stored proc. is called EnrollmentAdd and has the following code :

Alter Procedure dbo.enrollmentadd
@StudentID int,
@CourseID int
insert into enrollment(studentid, courseid) values (@studentid, @courseid)

Then, i created a new user with public+db_datareader as only rights upon the StateU database.

When i connect this user to the db and try to execute the "EnrollmentAdd" stored proc. i have the following message :

"Autorisation EXECUTE refused on the object 'enrollmentadd', database 'SateU', owner 'dbo'".

Until now, everything is normal.

BUT, if i try to re-execute the stored proc. using the same user, IT WORKS !!! Although this user doesn't any right to write on this db!!!

Can someone explain this to me? I am completly lost....:-(