I have created a report in Oracle9i Report Developer and saved it as .RDF file. Now, i created a Form in Form Builder (Form9i) and attached that report in REPORT object navigator.

For Executing the report, i have made a Button on my Form and written PL/SQL which get executed when button is pressed for Report. Following PL/SQL is writtem:

repid report_object;
v_rep varchar2(100);
rep_status varchar2(20);
repid := FIND_REPORT_OBJECT('tesrreport');
v_rep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(repid);

I am getting error when clicking the button:
REP-0110: Unable to open file....
REP-1070: Error while opening or saving document.

Any help please. Thanks in advance. I suppose there might be some clue in Property setting of Report object. But, not getting it exactly. Please help.