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    Unanswered: Expressions in Report Problem

    I have a project that I was hot on and then other things came up and I'm just now getting back to. I'm rusty now too. I have a report which used to work that now I have had to change some things in response to restructuring the database. The underlying query has changed so it now references the new table and seems to work correctly. I thought I could just change the reference in the report to the new query and all would be well, but, it isn't working properly.

    I have isolated the problem to two expressions in the analyte footer section of the report. One averages and is nested if statements. I've tried remaking them with the expression builder from the loaded report and haven't had any success.

    Note that there are two fields called results one is called results and is a string (so it can have < signs) and there is another called result number which is the number and this is the one used for averages etc. I thought that maybe because the "result number" field was not in the report that might be the problem so just put it in as a hidden field and that didn't help.

    I've attached a simplifeddb with just this report and the necessary fields

    Thanks for any help in advance
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