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    Unanswered: Change default rowlock on SQL Server


    Does anyone know if there is a setting on MS SQL server to tell it to always lock a row for updating when attemping to change a record? I have a program that does a select statement and the user can then choose which records to edit. Once they select to edit a record, I need the sql server to prevent other users from editing that record. I know I can use the 'Updlock' hint but was hoping there was just a default setting on the server I could change. Thank you!

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    In SQL2K row locking is default, if more locks required, this could escalate to page lock or full table lock. In SQL2K there is no way to change this behavior except using hints or isolation level, you can play also with indexes to obtain key locks and with cursor modes.


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    Also refer thru books online for LOCKS topic which has been explained.
    --Satya SKJ
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