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    Unanswered: Password Authenticity / Validation for SYS User A/c on Oracle9iDB

    We have ORACLE9i database on SUN Solaris 5.8 Platform. We have created database manually, not through the DB Configuration Assistance Wizard. And thus, default passwords are not available for SYS, SYSTEM A/c.

    When we login in SYS as SYSDBA on the serevr m/c, it is not checking the password and taking any password, and log-in successfully. When we login through the OEM console locally on the server m/c with SYS as SYSDBA, it is giving error "Invalid Username/Password" and not connecting to my Database Instance.

    I wish to set & enforce the valid password checking for SYS as SYSDBA a/c whenerver i log in locally through SQLPLUS or through OEM Console. How can i do that....? Can i know the steps pls...And do i need to do something in INIT.ORA file about the parameter 'remote_login_passwordfile'...??

    Please help. Thanks a lot in advance.
    - KR

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    Set remote_login_passwordfile = exclusive
    and create password file using orapwd utility


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